Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lalala.... That song is stuck in my head...

Lately, I have noticed that I am getting the same song stuck over and over in my head and it is the new Miley Cyrus Song... Party in the USA.

I think that the last time I blogged was when my gram peach had passed away and a lot has happened since then...

After 5 months of looking and pursuing different job opportunities (13 to be exact!!) I was offered a fantastic position at Kennesaw Charter School, as a Special Ed. teacher. I am working with the K-2 students and have been having a wonderful time so far!!

Joey has been doing great. Out of 40 agents, this month he has sold the most life insurance policies in a contest... and I am so incredibly proud of him. He tries so hard at his job and does such a great job of providing for us.

We have been busy with family and friends.. and it feels great to get life back to somewhat normal.

The most exciting thing that has happened is or still waiting to happen is Natalie's having a baby boy in October!! I am so excited about meeting this little guy:-). She is the first one of my close friends to have a baby... she is like family to me and I am so excited to meet him!!!

I'm still missing the gram... it doesn't seem to get any easier. I know that she is in a better place, but life just seems different. My dad is doing pretty good... I just hope that I make her proud.. I have put some pictures up around the house of her and I. The hardest thing that I had to do was to take her clothes to good will and I cried for some time in my car because it was like she was really gone. I still have her sewing things and other items... I am dreading Christmas because it will be the first one without her....

Recently, I went to Charleston with some friends and had a great time! It is such a neat town. But the best part of the entire trip was at this one really nice restaurant, I got some DERBY PIE!! The last time that I had derby pie was in Lexington a few years ago and it was called May Day Pie.. It is a KY tradition..:-) It's amazing!!!

The only thing that has been bothering me lately is the loss of a friend. I still talk to her because we have some history, but it is not the same. She lives far away in another state and I was her biggest supporter..with other friends. She made some not so great choices when it came to supporting me and I have lost the desire to have her as a close friend. It takes a lot to lose my friendship and I know that it never going to be the same... I wish she would have listened to my voicemail about my grandmother. The sad thing is that the one time I needed her, she wasn't really there... losing my grandmother has been the hardest thing for me to go through.

Have a blessed day!

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