Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It's been awhile... but we have been busy with things going on.

School is going well and I will be ready for the CRCT to be over...

More posting then!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day and other things...

This is just an up to date with all that is going on with us.

My mom turned 50 this past weekend and we celebrated by holding a surprise lunch for her. It was a great lunch! and She was so excited!

For Valentine's day, Joey made me New York Strip Steak with bacon wrapped around it +bread crumbs. He also made rosato and green beans. I got a rose :) and a card from the pups.

For the longest time, I have been wanting something to go
over our bed. I have been doing my research and looking for monograms. Most monograms cost between 50-125 dollars.I found this Big M on chattywalls and it was only 19.50! How great is that?

It matches our M in the Living room and in the office.. I guess it is a running theme in our house. Joey likes it too!

I really don't get how to do the pictures on the if anybody can.. please let me know how!
The pictures above are from the circus. I went with mom, travis, and a friend of travis's. It was a neat show and made me feel like a kid again. I love the elephants :)!!

The middle picture is of Joey and his brothers Josh and Jacob, who all play on the same rec team. It is a neat opportunity for them to hang out and spend time together.

The last picture is of reggie when he is laying on our bed. He is such a great pup :). I don't think he knows that he is a dog.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life this week....

Things have been non-stop here in the McWhorter household!

Joey had been sick this week with pink eye, sinus, and a sore throat. It has not been very fun for him. I hate it when he is sick:(.

We have been hanging out with my family, a lot lately. My mom finally got her drains out from her third breast reconstuctive surgery... so glad that she has a new surgeon who actually cares about her and how she is doing. We had dinner with my family tonight and it was fun.. we watched the Cats win their 19th game!!! Go UK!!

School is fine.. just busy and some what dramatic.. lol My mom told me recently that drama just seems to follow me... I can say this that I truly feel blessed for the place that I work at because of how much I truly love my job. I feel that I am starting to blossom as an educatator!!

Until next time... GO CATS!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time for an update and thoughts :)!

Our holidays came and went. It was a great time with our families and friends. My mom had surgery for the 3rd time for breast reconstructive surgery and she is doing okay. Hopefully with a new doctor, this will be the last time!

We got some great gifts for Christmas and gave some pretty cool gifts too... For Joey's side of the family, I made all the girls washer necklaces with their children's names. Joey gave me a diamond necklace and a jelly belly Iphone cover.

Over the course of the break, Joey and I watched several movies. But my favorite was Julia and Julie... I loved how she made so much wonderful looking dishes. I have ordered her cook book.. so I can try to become Julia Childs :)! Right... Now if I could get Joey to buy me a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

NYE was a fun time to reconnect and hang out with friends. We went to Natalie and Michael's house and stayed until the ball dropped. I love getting to see Baby River... he is absolutely precious! Ashley made this dip that was called the buffolo chicken dip and I want the recipe because it was so good!

I thought I might post a few of my new years resolutions so that I can acutally see them in print and maybe stick to them.

#1- I love working at my job, but I feel like I could grow so much as a teacher, so I am going to try to do as much professional development to make me a better master of my craft. I am pursuing my ed.s in August of this year. Also, I will be working on my ESOL endoresement, Hopefully gifted endorsement, and maybe continuing presenting for the staff at school. I have had the pleasure of providing one workshop for the teachers and plan on conducting two more this school year.
#2- Try to lose some weight. I know that the last year has been such an emotional roller coaster with job and my grandmother. I have to take the time to work on my health or it will might be in the butt. Also, I have been bitten by the baby bug and would like to be in a better health state to start trying for a baby in a year or so....
#3- Try to show my appercaition for my husband more often. I know that he loves me and he does a lot for me... I still can't beleive that I am blessed with such an amazing man.
#4-last but not least become a better christian. I need to go to church more often and have quality quiet time.

I think that these are some good goals to try to achieve this year :)! I will post again soon! Have a blessed one!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UK vs UGA: Daddy's 60th Birthday

For my dad's

60th Birthday

We went to the UGA vs UK game.

It was the first time in 32 years that KY beat GA at Sanford Stadium. My parents, Travis, and Joey and I went together to tailgate and then to the game.

This is the picture of my dad with his UK cake that my friend Tara made for me. My dad informed that it was the best birthday he has ever had.

I'm so happy that he had a great birthday because he has had such a rough year with losing my grandmother.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just for fun...

I have seen wordless wednesday before... but here's wordless Saturday:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where were you during the flood of '09?

Where were you on Monday of this past week? I can tell you where I was... at KCS. This is a picture of our playground being flooded from the rain. The Metro-Atlanta area was hit by a severe flood storm... and the school was flooded....It is not as bad as another school in Cobb County that was totally submerged underwater. It was the weirdest thing to know that roads are closed and we had to close school due to the flooding. When I was talking to a parent, she informed me that Emerson was flooded on I-75 and I was unsure of how I was going to get home. On the other side of Kennesaw, Joey's office got flooded and he left to go home earlier and it took him about 90 minutes to get home because of all the closed roads from Mars Hill Rd. I left school at 2:00 and did not get home until 5:30 due to traffic and roads closed on Hwy 41.

2 days later, the students have come back and it was like nothing ever happened. The kids have been doing such a great job.. and the staff has come together. I have never felt so proud before of a place that I work at. Joey's office was also damaged due to the flood and he has been working at home on and off this week due to the smells of the damp carpet and the fact that all the furniture is in the hallway. He has been really busy because so many people have been calling for claims and all that insurance type stuff. On a funny side note, Joey was working at home today and he went to go and get a shower. While he did that, Lucy decided to eat his memo pad with all the numbers that he needed to get in touch with. Ha!

On a postive note, KCS got their 5 year charter renewed this past Thursday at the Cobb County School Board Meeting! We had over 200 supporters there and it was so incredibly overwhelming to see the support for this school and that parents really do want the best for the kids!

Everything else is going pretty well. We are both just happy to have jobs, a home, families that love us, and each other :).

On a more exciting note, my friend, Natalie should be having her baby in the next few weeks. River is suppose to be born on Oct. 20. I am so excited to be Aunt Jess to this precious bundle of Joy!!!.