Friday, September 25, 2009

Where were you during the flood of '09?

Where were you on Monday of this past week? I can tell you where I was... at KCS. This is a picture of our playground being flooded from the rain. The Metro-Atlanta area was hit by a severe flood storm... and the school was flooded....It is not as bad as another school in Cobb County that was totally submerged underwater. It was the weirdest thing to know that roads are closed and we had to close school due to the flooding. When I was talking to a parent, she informed me that Emerson was flooded on I-75 and I was unsure of how I was going to get home. On the other side of Kennesaw, Joey's office got flooded and he left to go home earlier and it took him about 90 minutes to get home because of all the closed roads from Mars Hill Rd. I left school at 2:00 and did not get home until 5:30 due to traffic and roads closed on Hwy 41.

2 days later, the students have come back and it was like nothing ever happened. The kids have been doing such a great job.. and the staff has come together. I have never felt so proud before of a place that I work at. Joey's office was also damaged due to the flood and he has been working at home on and off this week due to the smells of the damp carpet and the fact that all the furniture is in the hallway. He has been really busy because so many people have been calling for claims and all that insurance type stuff. On a funny side note, Joey was working at home today and he went to go and get a shower. While he did that, Lucy decided to eat his memo pad with all the numbers that he needed to get in touch with. Ha!

On a postive note, KCS got their 5 year charter renewed this past Thursday at the Cobb County School Board Meeting! We had over 200 supporters there and it was so incredibly overwhelming to see the support for this school and that parents really do want the best for the kids!

Everything else is going pretty well. We are both just happy to have jobs, a home, families that love us, and each other :).

On a more exciting note, my friend, Natalie should be having her baby in the next few weeks. River is suppose to be born on Oct. 20. I am so excited to be Aunt Jess to this precious bundle of Joy!!!.

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