Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life this week....

Things have been non-stop here in the McWhorter household!

Joey had been sick this week with pink eye, sinus, and a sore throat. It has not been very fun for him. I hate it when he is sick:(.

We have been hanging out with my family, a lot lately. My mom finally got her drains out from her third breast reconstuctive surgery... so glad that she has a new surgeon who actually cares about her and how she is doing. We had dinner with my family tonight and it was fun.. we watched the Cats win their 19th game!!! Go UK!!

School is fine.. just busy and some what dramatic.. lol My mom told me recently that drama just seems to follow me... I can say this that I truly feel blessed for the place that I work at because of how much I truly love my job. I feel that I am starting to blossom as an educatator!!

Until next time... GO CATS!!!

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