Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time for an update and thoughts :)!

Our holidays came and went. It was a great time with our families and friends. My mom had surgery for the 3rd time for breast reconstructive surgery and she is doing okay. Hopefully with a new doctor, this will be the last time!

We got some great gifts for Christmas and gave some pretty cool gifts too... For Joey's side of the family, I made all the girls washer necklaces with their children's names. Joey gave me a diamond necklace and a jelly belly Iphone cover.

Over the course of the break, Joey and I watched several movies. But my favorite was Julia and Julie... I loved how she made so much wonderful looking dishes. I have ordered her cook book.. so I can try to become Julia Childs :)! Right... Now if I could get Joey to buy me a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

NYE was a fun time to reconnect and hang out with friends. We went to Natalie and Michael's house and stayed until the ball dropped. I love getting to see Baby River... he is absolutely precious! Ashley made this dip that was called the buffolo chicken dip and I want the recipe because it was so good!

I thought I might post a few of my new years resolutions so that I can acutally see them in print and maybe stick to them.

#1- I love working at my job, but I feel like I could grow so much as a teacher, so I am going to try to do as much professional development to make me a better master of my craft. I am pursuing my ed.s in August of this year. Also, I will be working on my ESOL endoresement, Hopefully gifted endorsement, and maybe continuing presenting for the staff at school. I have had the pleasure of providing one workshop for the teachers and plan on conducting two more this school year.
#2- Try to lose some weight. I know that the last year has been such an emotional roller coaster with job and my grandmother. I have to take the time to work on my health or it will might be in the butt. Also, I have been bitten by the baby bug and would like to be in a better health state to start trying for a baby in a year or so....
#3- Try to show my appercaition for my husband more often. I know that he loves me and he does a lot for me... I still can't beleive that I am blessed with such an amazing man.
#4-last but not least become a better christian. I need to go to church more often and have quality quiet time.

I think that these are some good goals to try to achieve this year :)! I will post again soon! Have a blessed one!

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Trisha said...

These are great resolutions, Jessica! I hope you can keep the motivation and stay with them. I'm trying to get healthier too.... ;)