Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Rolls...

Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday for both of our families. Joey's family have a big feast with amazing food and spend time together. My thanksgiving have been a little different. My family consisted of my parents, my brother, and my grandmother. One of the traditions that I remember would be my grandmother making these incredible rolls. As the years have gone on, she would let me do more of the cooking. The past few years, my dad and I have tried to make them but they have turned out wrong, someway or another. This year, I decided to try to make the rolls by myself and I suceeded! They have actually turned out to taste pretty good. The rolls mean a lot to me because of the situtation with my grandmother. She is 89 years old. This past summer, we had to place her in a nursing home and it was incredible rough. Our family is adjusting to it, but my dad is having the worst time. So by making the rolls, I can give him good memeories of the past :-). I know that Joey and I have been truly blessed and we are so thankful for all the blessing God has given us this year! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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